March 2017 CEP Preview


Safely Service Your Relief Devices 

Safety risks and economic costs make shutting down a process when a pressure relief device needs to be isolated or removed less than ideal. Several alternative methods are available that will enable you to isolate these devices while continuing to run your process.

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Understanding the Basics of Industrial Effluent Treatment

This article reviews the unit operations in a wastewater treatment plant, and describes the fundamental biological and chemical principles behind treatment technologies.


Improve Production Scheduling to Increase Energy Efficiency

Use advanced scheduling and enterprise resource planning applications to optimize your manufacturing schedule and improve profitability, operational efficiency, and sustainability.


Process Control for the Process Industries — Part 1: Dynamic Characteristics

Several aspects of chemical processing make control and automation in the process industries different from other types of machine and equipment control. This article focuses on the factors related to process dynamics.


Process Control for the Process Industries — Part 2: Steady-State Characteristics (Preprint of April CEP Article)

Chemical processing requires a different approach to control and automation than other types of machine and equipment control. This article focuses on the factors related to the steady-state characteristics of a chemical process.


Achieve Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between work and your personal life is critical to your happiness and well-being, as well as the success of your company.


  • Tiny DNA Strands Track Drug-Delivery Vehicles
  • Engineers Stretch the Limits of Electronics
  • Fuel Cell Produces Ammonia at Room Temperature
  • Artificial Skin Feels Temperature Changes
  • CRISPR Delivers Proteins, Not Genes
  • Polymer Template of DNA Holds Promise for Biomedical Applications


  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Electrically Active Microbes Clean Wastewater and Produce Energy
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Microreaction Technology Comes of Age
  • Young Professionals Point of View: Should You Pursue PE Licensure?
  • Process Safety Beacon: How Could This Happen? The Temperature Was Below the Flashpoint!
  • Process Safety Visions: Disciplined Adherence to Standards
  • Leadership Q&A: Innovating Solutions to the World’s Top Concerns
  • Patent Update: Infringement: When Can the Actions of One Be Attributed to Another?
  • Technical Entity Trends: Reuse Carbon Dioxide Emissions via Accelerated Carbonation
  • New Products: Measurement Equipment; Bioprocessing; Fluids and Solids Handling; Materials and Chemicals; Software
  • Calendars
  • Institute News
    • AIChE Announces Candidates for 2017 Officer Election
    • Industry Boosts Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative
    • Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety Keynote Speakers
    • Member News
    • Your AIChE Membership: Technical Information

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