Download the NCEES Chemical Engineering Handbook and Provide Feedback

Calling all chemical engineers!

We're looking for chemical engineers to provide input on the Chemical Engineering Handbook. Candidates preparing for the Chemical PE exam are encouraged to download a copy to study for the exam. But even engineers not preparing for the exam, as well as chemical engineering students, may find this a useful reference. It's available as a free download from the NCEES website.

Written by the same people who write the questions for the Chemical PE Exam, NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying), published the PE Chemical Handbook to provide reference information for engineers taking the Chemical Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam. NCEES is the organization that develops and administers the examinations for Professional Engineering licensure.

What is in the handbook?

The topics included in the handbook are based on the specifications for the exam content and cover the major areas of chemical engineering.

  • As a reference book, it contains only equations, tables and conversions that chemical engineers may need in their professional practice and for the exam.
  • Note that the handbook omits concepts, theory and examples. Some fundamental conversions, formulas, and definitions that engineers are expected to know have not been included.

How will it help for the PE Exam?

The handbook will be the only reference available in the upcoming computer-based (CBT) version of the Chemical PE exam. It will be online and searchable. The handbook can be brought to pencil-and-paper exams as one of many resources, provided it is bound according to the policies in the NCEES Examinee Guide. It should not be used as a single-source reference for the pencil-and-paper exam administration in April 2017.

Instructions for downloading

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