Chem-E-Car in the Spotlight - 2016 Competitors, Part 3

Forty-one teams will participate in the 2016 Annual Chem-E-Car Competition® in San Francisco on November 13 from 12:30 - 3:30pm. Learn more about this year's competition, the award,  and this year's Annual Student Conference

All teams were asked to provide a video spotlighting their car, school, and team. These videos will be played ahead of each competitor's run but you can enjoy them in this ChEnected series, which will be updated with new posts from now until the competition.

After watching the videos below, be sure to share them with the hashtags #AIChEStudentConf and #ChemECar.

Check out the set of submitted videos

National Technical University of Athens

Kansas State University

Texas Tech University

Stony Brook University

Middle East Technical University

University of Oklahoma

Michigan Technological University

Auburn University

University of New Mexico

Universite Laval

More Chem-E-Car in the Spotlight videos will be posted within a week so stay tuned to this series. In the meantime, you can see last year's competitors.

Let us know what you think of the videos and teams in the comments below.