AIChE Young Professionals Newsletter: August 2016

Issue 3 — August 2016

Welcome to 2016's third edition of the Latest News. This newsletter is brought to you by the Young Professionals Committee News Team and is meant to give you the latest and greatest news and information from around the organization.


  • The Latest YPC News
  • Have a Voice in AIChE's Future
  • 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting Young Professionals' Programs
  • Using and Enjoying AIChE Engage
  • YPC's Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition Update
  • Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Forest Bioproducts Division (FBP)
  • Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division (MESD)
  • Saudi YP Workshop Review - Plant Design: Optimization & Feasibility Studies
  • AIChE CareerEngineer Job Board
  • Graduate Student Research Spotlight
  • Get Involved in an AIChE Local Section
  • Upcoming Events
  • Get Involved with YPC

The Latest YPC News

Hello from all of us here on the Young Professionals Committee! As the days have been heating up, so have things for the Young Professionals Committee.

First, YPC is excited for the upcoming 2016 AIChE Board of Directors elections which will commence on September 6. To encourage more Young Professionals to vote in this year’s election, we have put together a blog series on ChEnected where BoD candidates respond to questions asked by YP members. The hope is this will give our membership a better feel for the candidates’ interests and goals for the future of AIChE.  This series will kick off on September 12. Young Professional members currently account for one quarter of AIChE’s professional membership, but in years past, very few YPs have voted. No matter who you support, please consider casting a vote in this year’s election and make your voice heard. We look forward to having each of you participate in this year’s election!

The 2nd Annual Global Student Video Competition is well underway. This year we have received 21 entries from undergraduate students all over the globe focused on “How Biopharmaceuticals Are Made.” All of these entries are judged by two sets of evaluators. The first set of judges is a panel of experts who evaluate the technical merit, accuracy, and creativity of the videos. The second set of evaluators is you! Starting on August 15, our 2016 entries will be posted to YouTube for public viewing and voting. Browse through the videos and add a “Like” to the videos you like the best. Your “Likes” will be tallied at the end of September and will help our undergraduate participants earn cash prizes for their hard work.

We’re also very pleased to announce that over the coming year YPC will be heading up the first-ever AIChE 35 Under 35 Awards. This set of awards will recognize Young Professional members of AIChE who have made significant contributions to the field of chemical engineering and the Institute early in their careers. Nominations will be accepted in the following broad categories that span throughout the chemical engineering profession: Safety, Leadership, Innovation, Energy, Chemicals, Bioengineering, and Education. Nomination materials will be available this fall and nominations will be accepted through January 2017. Our award winners will be recognized at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, coinciding with the 15-year anniversary of the Young Professionals Advisory Board (now the Young Professionals Committee). If you know or work with an amazing AIChE Young Professional, please consider nominating them for this honor! More nomination information will follow in the coming months.

In this edition of the Young Professionals Newsletter, you’ll learn about ways to get involved in AIChE’s Forest Bioproducts and Materials Science & Engineering Divisions, read highlights from YP events at the AIChE Spring Meeting and in the Saudi Arabia Local Section, and discover ways for graduate students to present their research to the AIChE community. We’re excited about what lies ahead for YPC and we look forward to engaging you with some of our exciting programs!

Chris Lowe, YPC Chair

Have a Voice in AIChE's Future

As Young Professional members of AIChE, you are the future of this organization. The Board of Directors election will commence next month, so be sure to review the candidates’ bios and platform statements, and vote for the candidates that you feel best represent your interests.

2016 AIChE Board Election Q & A

Starting September 12, 2016, learn more about AIChE Board of Directors candidates in ChEnected’s Q&A series.  Over the four-week series candidates will respond to questions each week, posed to them by Young Professional AIChE members. Check back each week to help you decide which candidates would represent your chemE interests and AIChE best.

2016 AIChE Annual Meeting Young Professionals' Programs

By: Donna Bryant

Are you thinking of attending the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting? YPC has organized a number of sessions specifically for Young Professionals. Read this article for more information about the sessions.

Using and Enjoying AIChE Engage

AIChE Engage makes it easier than ever to connect and build relationships with other chemical engineers who share your interests.

YPC's Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition Update

By: Monica Stowe

YPC has organized the Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition that is focused on the topic of biopharmaceuticals. Stay tuned for the results, which will be announced at the 2016 AIChE Annual Student Conference in San Francisco. Find out more information about the video competition. 

Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Forest Bioproducts Division (FBP)

By: Mohammed Alyanbaawi

YPC has interviewed Sridharan Ramaswamy, Chair of the AIChE Forest Bioproducts (FBP) to outline the FBP Division activities and why AIChE Young Professionals should consider joining FBP. Find out more in this post. 

Opportunities for Young Professionals in the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division (MESD)

By: Mohammed Alyanbaawi

We have interviewed Michael Kilbey, Chair of the AIChE Materials Engineering and Science Division (MESD), to outline the MESD Division activities and why AIChE Young Professionals should consider joining MESD. Read all about it in this post. 

Saudi YPC Workshop Review - Plant Design: Optimization & Feasibility Studies

By: Mohammed Alyanbaawi

The Saudi Young Professionals group recently organized a technical workshop for YP members in their local section.  Read a review of the workshop here.     

Graduate Student Research Spotlight

By: Monica Stowe

If you are a graduate student who recently published a research paper and are interested in sharing that research with over 10,000 readers in the chemical engineering community, read this article to find out how ChEnected can assist you. 

Get Involved in an AIChE Local Section

AIChE local sections provide grassroots support for the Institute, essential to meeting the needs of chemical engineers locally. Local Sections host regular meetings, presentations and networking events to support professional and technical development. Find the closest Local Section to you through the link and join yours today.

AIChE CareerEngineer Job Board

AIChE is pleased to include a selection of job opportunities on AIChE CareerEngineer.

We invite you to explore AIChE CareerEngineer in this link. 

Upcoming Events

The YPC is now posting events for AIChE Events on the YPC Website, including Young Professional events at the Spring and Annual Meetings, meetings of YPC Local Sections, and other events put on or sponsored by AIChE. If you have an event that you would like to advertise, please email

AIChE Virtual Career Fair

September 22, 2016, 12-4 p.m. ET

Young Professionals' Social at the 2016 Annual Meeting

November 13, 2016, 8:00pm PST

2016 AIChE Annual Meeting

November 13-18, 2016

Get Involved with YPC                                                               

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