April 2016 CEP Preview



Leveraging Energy Management for Water Conservation

Growing concerns about the availability of clean water are driving companies to include water conservation in their sustainability initiatives. Instead of reinventing the wheel, adapt your energy-management program to water conservation.

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Making Sense of Combustible-Dust Hazard Analysis

Several standards on combustible dust contain provisions for conducting process hazard analyses. This article summarizes the requirements and presents a simple approach to meet them.


An Introduction to Mammalian Cell Culture

Mammalian cell culture is at the core of biomanufacturing therapeutic proteins and viral vaccines. Find out how mammalian cells are derived and cultivated, and what opportunities this field holds.


Prevent Caking of Bulk Solids

Understanding the mechanisms behind caking, identifying key process variables and product specifications, and testing samples to predict the increase in cohesive strength of a powder over time are key to preventing and solving caking problems.


  • Human-Size Tissues Roll Off the Printer
  • New Process Steps Up the Value of CO2
  • Stretchy Sensor Emits Light, Too
  • Person-on-a-Chip: Artificial Organs for Drug Testing
  • Bacteria Capture RNA Snapshots with CRISPR
  • Bandage Speeds Up Healing and Kills Bacteria
  • Single-Step Route Produces Dilute H202
  • Engineered Yeast Churn Out Synthetic PLGA


  • Technical Entity Trends: Biomolecular Engineering: Little Bio Machinery to Solve Grand Challenges
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Particle-Free Conductive Inks for Better Printed Electronics
  • Process Safety Beacon: Plugged Flame Arrester Causes Explosion
  • Material Matters: Disappearing Materials in Aging Plants
  • Profile: Annie Meier: Improving Earth and Reaching for Mars
  • Career Corner: Transitioning to a Career in Sales Engineering
  • Expo Preview: Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
  • Product Focus: Safety Equipment
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  • Institute News
    • Candidates Announced for 2016 AIChE Election
    • AIChE Elects New Fellows
    • AIChE Foundation Names Co-Chairs for Doing a World of Good Campaign
    • Nomination Deadline Extended for Energy and Sustainability Award
    • Your AIChE Membership: eLibrary
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