“MBA the ChemE Way” Sessions Were a Great Success!

After a full slate of programming for the Annual Student Conference, the Young Professionals Programming Subcommittee kicked off the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting with the premier of "MBA the ChemE Way" sessions on Monday, October 29. The sessions covered diverse business subject matters like entrepreneurship, finance and risk management (for a full list of the sessions please visit this link). Thinking about attending next year? Here are some firsthand reactions from participants:

"This session provided some excellent basic perspectives on the challenges of management careers in the chemical industry, which are somewhat unique from other industry sectors. It was an excellent complement to the 'Innovation from Beginning to End' also offered by the Management Division."

--Jack Hipple

"The 'MBA the ChemE Way' sessions are wonderful for young ChemE's - it allows them a glimpse into the business world without the commitment of a full MBA and gives them a framework within which to understand their companies. I know I learned some things that I can take back and immediately apply to my current job!"

--Kate Gawel

"We had great attendance at all the sessions including our early morning 'Introduction to the MBA' and each of the talks was very interactive and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions regarding how the topic applied to their field. The talks were well attended by ChemEs of all ages, not just Young Professionals!"

--Meagan Lewis