YPC Presents an "MBA the ChemE Way" Workshop

If you are like most engineers, you didn't have much time for electives in college - and when you did, economics may not have been your cup of tea. It's no big secret that the majority of engineering majors are better at crunching numbers than developing a business strategy, but a sound understanding of business practices can be invaluable for young engineers entering the work force. Wouldn't it be wonderful if AIChE had some business-related programming at the Annual Meeting for Young Professionals to learn more and add to their skill sets? Your wait is over! This year YPC is sponsoring the brand new "MBA the ChemE Way" programming taught by a star-studded lineup, including Penn State University professors, former and current CEOs, MBAs, AIChE Fellows and others with vast business experience. This programming is geared towards Young Professionals, or anyone who wants to add to their business acumen - students still in Pittsburgh are welcome! For a brief overview of the sessions, please click the links below: Monday, October 29 - Morning Session David L. Lawrence Convention Center Room 302 8:15 AM (5a) Introduction to the MBA Michelle T. Grossman 8:45 AM (5b) Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Additional Information) Philip G. Boyer and Robert Beaury 9:25 AM (5c) Accounting, Finance, and Statistics I Makarand (Raj) Joshi 10:05 AM (5d) Marketing (Additional Information) Robert Beaury and Philip G. Boyer Monday, October 29 - Afternoon Session David L. Lawrence Convention Center Room 302 12:30 PM (95a) Accounting, Finance, and Statistics II Makarand (Raj) Joshi 1:00 PM (95d) Leadership, People Management, and Organizations Syamal K. Poddar 1:40 PM (95c) Operations, Supply Chain, and Risk Management Deborah L. Grubbe 2:20 PM (95b) Strategy and Economics Diana Matonis


Meagan L's picture

Can't wait! This will be a great opportunity for people to see if they are interested in MBA material!

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This is great! This can be an excellent resource and educational session for engineers to learn more of the financial side of engineering