Young Professionals at Pittsburgh's Library Bar [PHOTOS]

More than 80 young professionals gathered at The Library on Pittsburgh's South Side for the joint YP-SIOC Social co-sponsored by the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) and the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC). The Social was organized by the YP Programming SubCommittee, the group that also organized the "MBA the ChemE Way" sessions as well as "I have a PhD, Now What?" and several sessions for the Annual Student Conference. In addition to networking, YPs enjoyed cocktails, food, and a game called People Bingo. To play the game, YPs had to engage with others to find people with certain accomplishments, such as someone who had traveled in Asia or who works at a refinery. In anticipation of the film Girl Rising, attendees also took part in CNN's 10x10 campaign. Attendees were asked to express what we thought the combination of girls and education could produce. Check out photos of the fun in the slideshow below.


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Can someone direct me or otherwise post about the 2013 YP-SIOC Social? Would love to know, thanks!