Young Professionals Newsletter: September 2012

Are you a student or young professional interested in:

Getting more involved in AIChE, but aren't sure how?

Looking forward to the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh and want to learn about YP and Student Programming?

Learning about the benefits of being a member of AIChE?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, be sure to check out the fourth edition of the YP Newsletter (topics listed below, click on the title for full article). Also be sure to keep an eye on the YP feed on ChEnected for the latest about topics and events for Young Professionals.

Newsletter Topics:

The Latest YPC News YPC is currently working on finalizing a number of great YP and Student sessions and activities for this year's Annual Student and Professional Conferences in Pittsburgh, PA, this October - but that's not all!

Presentations for Graduating Students by YPC The Young Professional Committee is proud to present a number of outstanding presentations, tailored specifically for graduating chemical engineers, at the upcoming Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, beginning on Friday, October 26.

Annual Meeting Pittsburgh 2012: Young Professional Programming Preview Each year, the AIChE Annual Meeting focuses on academic topics and this year the Young Professional Committee will explore several advanced degrees options. Whether you are interested in technical research or a business track, there will be a session available for you.

2012 Annual Meeting YPC/SIOC Social Event On Sunday, October 28, from 8 pm to 11 pm, the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) and the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC) will be sponsoring a social event for both YPC and SIOC groups.

Call for Volunteers: K-12 Activities at the AIChE Annual Meeting On Sunday, October 28th, as part of the 2012 Annual Meeting, AIChE will be sponsoring an educational outreach event for local high school students from the Pittsburgh area.

Annual Meeting 2012: A Guide to Pittsburgh No longer a bustling steel hub of the past, Pittsburgh reinvented itself and thrives as a city characterized by unique neighborhoods filled with rich ethnicity. Home to various high-tech companies, "the Steel City" blends old and modern architecture with a unique combination of steep hills, broad rivers and bridges making it an absorbing landscape. A true sports town, it would be a mistake not to mention their professional teams: the Steelers, the Penguins, and the Pirates (who play at beautiful PNC Park, just minutes walking distance from downtown).

Highlight an AIChE Publication - CEP Magazine "Use Cloud Tools to Collaborate" Highlighting and summarizing the function of available cloud tools for the busy chemical engineer, "Use of Cloud Tools to Collaborate" gives invaluable insight into the collaborative virtual world.

Highlight a YP subcommittee: Publications Comprised of a dynamic duo, the Publication Subcommittee is responsible for the official internal and external communications of the YPC. Working with AIChE staff, it seeks to raise general awareness among the Young Professionals.

How to convince your Advisor to send you to the National AIChE Student Conference Each fall, our local AIChE student chapter kicks off with a full slate of exciting and interesting activities. As a faculty advisor for a local AIChE student chapter for over twenty-three years, I have enjoyed seeing the energy and enthusiasm built around attending student conferences. But why should I let YOU attend the national AIChE student conference?

Highlight A Benefit: AIChE eLearning One of the most valuable resources that AIChE can provide a practicing engineer is continuing education. Whether you are interested in learning about a topic that is related to your work or want to expand your understanding of an unrelated field,

AIChE's Education programs are here to help you.