AIChE Greens the Annual Meeting

AIChE's Environmental Division and Institute for Sustainability (IfS) have developed a series of sustainability goals for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh by forming a Green Task Force. These goals are designed to minimize generated waste as well as energy and water consumption resulting from Annual Meeting activities; doing so will also reduce incurred costs. AIChE commits to minimizing the environmental impact of the Annual Meeting through on-site outreach and awareness initiatives, responsible purchasing, reduced resource consumption (including energy and water) and landfill diversion.

Greener Actions, Greener Building

All Annual Meeting attendees will be encouraged to participate in AIChE's sustainability goals by taking individual sustainable actions, such as appropriate food ordering, using on-site recycling and composting receptacles, using local transportation options, and using the online and electronic resources for conference planning and meeting agendas to minimize paper waste.

The Gold LEED Certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh (click to enlarge)

The City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Convention Center are both ideal hosts to ensure a sustainable meeting. The Convention Center in particular is truly a green leader in its field.

Read the complete environmental commitment statement at the website for AIChE's Sustainable Meeting Initiative here.

What else can AIChE do to green our meetings?

Images: Leaf,; Pittsburgh convention center glindsay65


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Thanks for posting about this, Ale. I can't wait to see the changes in the conference!