And the Answer Is? ChemE Jeopardy at Student Conference

ChemE Jeopardy took place from 4:30 to 6:30 at the 2011 AIChE Student Conference. The nine participating teams were split into three rooms as answered questions from the categories listed below.

  • About AIChE
  • Material/Energy Balances
  • Fluids
  • Heat/Mass Transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Separations
  • Reaction Engineering
  • Process Control
  • Materials
  • Chemistry
  • Other general / grab bag categories
  • Room A Winners - Stevens Institute of Technology

    Stevens Institute of Technology - Winners Room A - ChemE Jeopardy

    Room B Winners - University of Minnesota

    University of Minnesota - Winner of Room B - ChemE Jeopardy

    Room C Winners - University of Nebraska

    University of Nebraska - Room C Winners - ChemE Jeopardy

    Slideshow ChemE Jeopardy

    UPDATE: The Winner of Final Jeopardy was Nebraska!

    Give it a try yourself. Put your answer in the comments.

    According to degree of freedom analysis, a system is solvable if the number of unknown variables equals this.


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    Stevens Institute of Technology***

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    Thanks for the correction!

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    the number of equations