How to Employ INVENTIVE Problem Solving: [Presentation]

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How do you approach problems?

Do you put yourself through lot of aggravated worrying for days and nights upon end, only to realize that you haven't made any progress on solving the problem that had you worrying in the first place?

Have you ever employed Inventive Problem Solving?

Have you ever heard of TRIZ?

Generally understood as an engineering problem solving tool, TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving) can also be used as a strategic decision-making tool. Through the study of hundreds of patents and inventions, not only are predictable problem solving methods discovered but also patterns and lines of evolution that can predict how products and systems will evolve. These patterns provide the same structure for planning and intellectual property that the original TRIZ problem solving principles provided for problem solving.

The ChemE On Demand Webinar entitled "The TIC-TAC-TOE of Strategic Planning With Triz" will demonstrate several lines of evolution and show how using them in a simple 9-Box structure can provide insights into competitive activities, strategic planning, and technology forecasting. No previous knowledge of TRIZ is necessary to gain value from this attending.

Below is a glimpse into Jack Hipple's presentation. You can view the LIVE Webinar on ChemE On Demand Wednesday, June 16 at 2:00 p.m.

Take a Peek:


Great! I took a TRIZ Webinar awhile ago and I thought it was intriguing. It really helps to think about very difficult problems in a TRIZ way, its definitely worked for me and I've told to numerous co-workers about it.