Laron Burrows

Laron Burrows

“Be a better person today than you were yesterday”. Summer of 2011 I made this my personal motto and I’ve been executing it ever since.

I’m curious, passionate and an obsessive learner. But I know its not about knowing all, but its about turning what you know into actionable items to effect positive change

My passion for learning and my innate desire for improvement got me hired as a Co-Op in DTE Energy’s Continuous Improvement group in 2013. At DTE I accumulated 3 years of experience as a Chemical Engineering Co-op, a position that has been instrumental in my professional achievements. There I was introduced to six sigma tools to solve problems in a more effective manner.

I’ve been the entry-level engineer, the problem solver, the chemical engineer support and even the project leader on multimillion-dollar projects within the organization.

My obsession within learning led me to being a research assistant at Kettering University for 2 years, a published author in scientific journals and a contributor to two patents.

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and from selling magnets at the age of 7 I understood the concept of supply and demand (as well as P/L to some extent). Since then that spirit has grown and with the help of online classes it has matured.

I believe I could use this entrepreneurial spirit to affect the lives of millions and make the world a better place. It is an ambitious dream but because of it I am the founder and CEO of a biomedical technology company seeking to prevent diseases through early detection devices and I currently serve as the COO of a startup attempting to cure world hunger.


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