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Earth Day 2020

. by Sonja Bradfield

Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with interviews and resources focused on chemical engineers' efforts to improve the environment. 

Roundup: Networking

. by Sonja Bradfield

Networking doesn't come naturally to everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't learn. Whether you're a natural or need some help, use this advice to build your career through networking. 

Deciphering the Coronavirus

. by Cynthia Mascone

Want to help? Even small efforts add up, such as when multitudes of gamers try their luck at protein folding solutions, or unused computing power joins the fight against COVID-19. Learn how you can help.

Meet Process Engineer Shaik Afzal

. by Scott D. Love

Hear from Shaik about how he came to process engineering, consider his useful insights on school versus learning on the job, and learn what gives him fulfillment in his work.