Candidates for 2024 AIChE Board of Directors Election Petition Candidate Filings Due May 6

AIChE’s Nominating Committee has announced the slate of candidates for president-elect, secretary, and four director positions for the 2025 AIChE Board. In July, CEP will publish platforms that describe the candidates’ qualifications. The president-elect will be elected to a three-year term, serving one year each as president-elect, president, and past president. The secretary and directors are elected for three-year terms. Voting by paper and electronic proxy ballot will begin on Aug. 26 and end on Sept. 30.

Candidates for the 2025 AIChE Board

For President-Elect

  • Anne O’Neal, Chevron
  • Gavin Towler, Honeywell

For Secretary

  • David Dixon, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Julianne Holloway, Arizona State Univ.

For Director (four to be elected)

  • Akua Asa-Awuku, Univ. of Maryland, College Park
  • Steve Beaudoin, Purdue Univ.
  • Jerry Forest, Jerry Forest LLC
  • David Klanecky, Cirba Solutions
  • Luke Landherr, Northeastern Univ.
  • Robert Y. Ofoli, Michigan State Univ.
  • Raymond Rooks, AVN Corp.
  • Frank van Lier, Lubrizol (retired)

Petition Candidates

Members interested in running — or nominating another member — for the AIChE Board of Directors can do so as a petition candidate. Any Fellow, senior member, or four-year member of the Institute who would like to run for president-elect, secretary, or director can file as a petition candidate with the Office of the Secretary by May 6, 2024. Nominees for president-elect and secretary must have previously served as an Institute-level AIChE officer or director.

Petition candidates must submit the written support (print or electronic format) of 2% of the voting membership. For more information on filing as a petition candidate, please contact

AIChE Board of Directors Campaign Guidelines

To keep campaigning on a highly professional level and to maintain fairness to all candidates, the Institute will rely on the integrity of the candidates. The Office of the Secretary of the Institute oversees the elections and will provide interpretation of the guidelines as needed. Following are the Board of Directors’ Campaign Guidelines for this election:

  • AIChE or any AIChE group or entity (e.g., division, forum, committee, industry technology group, technical entity, or local section) cannot endorse or oppose any Board of Directors (BOD) candidate (e.g., an officer or member of a particular entity cannot send an email or other communication endorsing a candidate that uses credentials from that entity). Members of the BOD shall not endorse or oppose any candidate; however, a current member of the BOD may campaign on their own behalf.
  • Campaigns shall be financed by the candidates themselves. Campaigns cannot be financed wholly or in part by AIChE or any AIChE group or entity, or by any organization, company, university, or government entity. All campaign costs are to be borne by the candidate.
  • Campaign committees may be formed. A Board Member cannot participate on or be part of a campaign committee other than their own.
  • Candidates may campaign via social media. A URL or link to the official election information on the AIChE election webpage should be provided.
  • Members of the BOD are not permitted to endorse or oppose a candidate via social media (e.g., “liking,” reposting, or commenting on Facebook).
  • AIChE groups and entities cannot provide a candidate’s campaign information or points of view to their members. AIChE groups and entities cannot endorse or oppose a BOD candidate via newsletters, emails, websites, or social media.
  • AIChE will present the candidates’ personal statements, qualifications, and views as published in AIChE’s official magazine and on AIChE’s webpage. The candidate may provide an email address, website URL, or social media information to foster a dialog between the candidate and the voting membership.
  • Interactions between the candidate and voting membership are permitted and encouraged; however, mailing lists and email lists cannot be provided and should not be used by AIChE or any AIChE group or entity.
  • Campaigning at AIChE meetings (e.g., the AIChE Spring, Annual, special topic, local section, or regional meetings) is limited to personal interactions between the candidates and meeting attendees. Distribution and posting of campaign materials at AIChE meetings is prohibited.
  • The Board of Directors recognizes that it is not practical to develop a complete set of rules to regulate campaigning; however, the Board is convinced that it can depend on the membership to enforce these regulations.

AIChE 2024 Election Timeline

  • May 6: Petition candidate cut-off date
  • Aug. 12: Election ballot mail date
  • Aug. 26: Election commences
  • Sept. 30: Election ballot receipt deadline
  • Oct. 28: Election results announced at the AIChE Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA