2023 Student Award Winners

During the 2023 AIChE Annual Student Conference, many awards were presented to distinguished undergraduates who have demonstrated intellectual rigor, leadership, motivation, and creativity through their academic work and participation in AIChE activities. Granted to both individual and student chapters, these awards recognize academic skill and student chapter achievements. Scholarships and competitions are included.

See below to read about some of this year's student award winners. 

The John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship

The John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship presented to an incoming senior or junior chemical engineering student who is planning a career in the chemical process industries. In addition to demonstrated academic excellence, the scholarship nominee should show leadership in AIChE student chapter activities and other university activities. This year’s John J. McKetta Scholarship was presented to Keerthika Mohan from Stevens Institute of Technology. 

See photos from the student award ceremony below.

First and Second Year Student Recognition Awards

The First and Second Year Student Recognition awards are presented to one active AIChE undergraduate student member in each student chapter who has been the most active in their student chapter during their freshman or sophomore year, and attained the highest scholastic grade-point average during their first and second years of undergraduate education, on recommendation of the Student Chapter Advisor.

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Chem-E-Car Competition® Awards

All Chem-E-Car team members design and construct a chemically powered vehicle within certain size constraints. This vehicle must be designed to also carry a specified cargo. The teams are told only at the time of the competition the distance that the car must travel and the specified cargo that the vehicle will carry. The winner is determined by a combined score, for traveling the correct distance and for creativity. Teams compete at the regional conferences, and the top qualifiers of each regional conference compete at the Chem-E-Car Competition Finals at the Annual Student Conference.

Read more about this year’s 2023 ASC Chem-E-Car Competition winner.

See photos from the 2023 ASC Chem-E-Car Competition Finals and Awards below. 

See photos from the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Inspection and Poster Competition. 

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