Quantum Computing Applications in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

The Quantum Computing Applications in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Workshop will take place May 10–12 at the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby. This workshop will bring together scientists and engineers at all career stages in academia, industry, and startups to showcase advances in the emerging and rapidly growing field of quantum computing.

We asked several of the featured speakers about the potential of quantum computing and its applications to chemical and biochemical engineering.

How do you think quantum computing will impact the chemical and/or biochemical industries?

Francesco Benfenati: Quantum computing promises to reduce waste and accelerate the discovery of new chemicals and materials. Even before the hard computational chemistry problems can be solved, quantum computing can help with machine learning and optimization applications to solve manufacturing, supply chain, and simulation problems.

Markus Reiher: If a universal (fault-tolerant) quantum computer hardware can be established for digital quantum computations in the future with a number of logical qubits that is in the few thousands, then this will be a paradigm shift for electronic structure calculations that are behind any simulation of molecular reactive processes. Then, this can affect the reliability of predictions in industry, for instance, in chemical catalysis.

What are the major challenges to realizing these potential impacts?

Stephan Sauer: The hardware needs to improve, but we shouldn’t forget that algorithms, applications, and software need to keep the pace in order to use the heterogeneous, distributed compute resources to solve enterprises’ most computationally complex problems.

How will this workshop help to overcome those challenges and what are you most excited about for this workshop?

Juan Miguel Arrazola: It is powerful to bring together world experts from around the globe. Discussions and interactions always have a chance of leading to the next brilliant ideas that will lead to legitimate progress. I’m excited to share some of our most recent work and to share my vision with all participants.

Attend the workshop to learn more from these experts and engage in the discussion around quantum computing’s impact in chemical and biochemical industries. Register today.