Get Process Intensification Expertise with RAPID’s New Credential Program

Whether companies are trying to gain efficiency for strictly bottom-line reasons, or have more specific goals such as gaining energy efficiency to meet industrial decarbonization goals, process intensification (PI) can help rework existing processes for greater efficiency. By rethinking and redesigning conventional processes with PI methods, companies can improve their productivity and equipment-size-to-output ratio, and reduced timelines, waste production, and energy consumption.

Create in-house PI expertise

While outside consultants are one way of taking advantage of PI, another cost-effective way is to develop in-house PI expertise. This allows employees – who have strong knowledge of current chemical engineering processes – to apply PI methods to rework and streamline them. Because many companies don’t currently have employees well-versed in process intensification, RAPID has developed a new Process Intensification  Credential Program, which is among the offerings from AIChE’s Institute of Learning and Innovation. In addition to allowing companies to build in-house PI expertise, the new credential program also gives companies a way to establish themselves as leaders in industry standards and set themselves apart from competitors.  

The Process Intensification Credential Program takes participants through a five-course, self-paced online program that was developed by leading subject matter experts for a range of engineers, including chemical, process, process development, process technology, and R&D engineers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, water and wastewater treatment and recovery industries. 

Become your company’s PI expert

For employees who want to stand out — whether at their current company or in the workforce — PI can be a real differentiator. As industry works towards higher energy efficiency and decarboniation goals, the RAPID Process Intensification Credential will validate your knowledge of PI in a marketplace that demands the skills to rework existing processes for greater efficiency. 

Learn more about how the RAPID Process Intensification Credential can benefit you and your company, and learn about other ways you can gain new skills and additional credentials through AIChE’s Institute for Learning and Innovation (ILI).