June 2022 CEP Preview

Special Section: Sustainability

This special section will review how sustainability goals are pursued, whether through technical developments, international agreements, legislation, or executive action. Articles will cover sustainability policy, lifecycle assessments, storage technologies for solar energy, and sustainable aviation fuels.

  • Moving Chemical Engineering in New Directions
  • Sustainability Policy Update: Big Changes by the Biden Administration
  • Life Cycle Thinking for Sustainability — Informed Decision Making
  • A New Era for Solar and Storage: Partnering for Continued Success
  • Decarbonizing Aviation with Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Back to Basics

Conduct an Effective Pre-Startup Safety Review

This helpful guide provides tips and tools for ensuring operational readiness prior to process startup.

Critical Issues

Discrete Systems in Process Control

Discrete control is widely used in industry, yet many university-level courses do not cover this type of control. 

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  • Avian Flu Resurgence Triggers Mass Poultry Culls
  • Metal Supply to Face a Crunch as Europe Transitions to Green Energy
  • Parasites Can Hitch Rides on Ocean Microplastics
  • Fighting Wildfires Could Keep Carbon Out of the Air — Affordably
  • Business Update


  • Editorial: Sustainability is in Fashion
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Quantum Computing for Chemical Engineering
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Wearable Sweat Sensors with Battery-Free Osmotic Pumping
  • Process Safety Beacon: Some Mistakes Take Time to Become Incidents 
  • New Products: Fluids and Solids Handling; Instrumentation; Software; Operations and Maintenance; Laboratory Equipment
  • Profile:  Joan Melendez Misner — NASA Engineer Urges Women and Latinx to Shoot for the Stars
  • Career Connection: Finding the Right Job or Career
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Reducing Scale-Up Risk: A Case for Modular Construction
  • Institute News 
    • 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety in Review
    • AIChE Financial Statements for 2021
    • Wyman Elected to National Academy of Engineering

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