ESC "Show-and-Tell" Video Challenge: Ọbafemi Awolowo University Student Chapter, Nigeria

In the 2021 ESC “Show-and-Tell” video challenge OAU (Ọbafemi Awolowo University) AIChE Student Chapter, the only AIChE Student chapter in Nigeria, focused on their experience with ChemE-Sports. They were overwhelmed by the conversation around ChemE-Sports 2021, which was about distillation operations. The team learned a lot about the importance of being a process engineer, and they left the experience inspired to strengthen their skills and learn more about chemical engineering.

AIChE OAU has been very active since the time of its establishment in 2014. The chapter president has conveyed that the courage and knowledge they acquired from ChemE-Sports 2021 Competition will help their community to grow and become even more active.

The Executive Student Committee expresses their thanks to AIChE OAU for their involvement in the Show-and-Tell video challenge. Subscribe to the ESC’s mailing list to follow the video challenge and find out which student chapter has been challenged to participate next.

To learn more about AIChE OAU, stay in touch through their accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn.