ESC “Show-and-Tell” Video Challenge: AIChE Student Chapter, UN Bogota

In the 2021 ESC “Show-and-Tell” Video Challenge, the students from the AIChE Student Chapter at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota express their appreciation for being a part of the National University of Colombia, one of South America’s most prominent universities and the home to some of the region's brightest minds. Because the university draws students from around the country, the members of the student chapter come from diverse backgrounds.

In the video, you'll also year members express their feelings about being a part of the student chapter. Some say it’s like their family, offering a helping hand whenever needed, and others point out that the chapter allows them to learn more about chemical engineering and related fields, in addition to learning skills and general values like honesty, trust, and integrity. community. Beyond being very involved with one another’s education, the chapter members have also collaborated with other student chapters.

The Executive Student Committee (ESC) wishes to thank the AIChE Student Chapter, UN Bogota for its participation in this year’s video challenge. Subscribe to the ESC’s mailing list to follow the video challenge and find out which Student Chapter has been challenged to participate next.

You can find out more about the AIChE Student Chapter, UN Bogota on their Website or on Facebook.