Forum Chair Invites You to the 11th Process Safety Management Mentoring  (PSMM) Forum

Katie Mulligan is a reactive chemicals subject matter expert with The Dow Chemical Company, and is also a forum chair at the 11th Process Safety Management Mentoring (PSMM) Forum taking place at the 2022 Spring Meeting and 18th Global Congress on Process Safety in San Antonio, Texas. This year’s Forum will consist of one of five parallel symposia tracks included in the Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS). The PSMM Forum is a tutorial-based track aimed at professionals who may be new to the field of process safety, those who now have a management role in process safety, and to those interested in strengthening their knowledge of process safety. We recently reached out to Katie to find out what we can expect at this year’s Forum.

What is your role for the 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting & 18th Global Congress on Process Safety?

This year I am the 11th Process Safety Management Mentoring  (PSMM) Forum Chair. I will also be presenting my paper, “How Could This Polymer Catch Fire? Uncovering the Hidden Runaway Oxidation Hazard of Solid-Phase Polyethylene”

Can you give us some insight into this year’s GCPS and what events shouldn’t be missed? 

PSM2 endeavors to augment the existing advanced management, practice, and technical developments presented in the core symposia of the GCPS. We have partnered with CCPS, PPSS, and LPS on tutorials sessions for topics featured throughout 2022’s Global Congress; notable subjects include cybersecurity, auditing, conduct of operations, and PHA. Tutorials are strategically scheduled before the corresponding sponsoring technical session, so keep this in mind as you build your personal schedule.  

PSM2 programming includes multiple distinctive sessions. PSM Story Time showcases the art of storytelling with a technical twist, and What Is Hiding Under the Radar will prompt you to dig deeper and consider hazards that may be overlooked. The Day PSM Hit Home, where three speakers will courageously share personal incident accounts, will conclude the 2022 PSMM track and should not be missed!

What information are you hoping attendees walk away with?

I hope that attendees will learn from tutorials and leave with enhanced process safety knowledge, and I hope they will leave the unique PSM2 sessions inspired to bring a fresh perspective and renewed purpose back to their organizations.

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