Are You Up to the #WhyChemE Video Challenge?

Ever notice how many times you have to tell people what chemical engineering is? And do you find yourself telling people how the work of chemical engineers affects so many aspects of their lives? Well, now is your chance to answer the question "Why chemical engineering?" once and for all by taking part in the #WhyChemE video challenge! 

The video above is an example that features AIChE student member Sofia Melgar from La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. Check out how the video answers the question with more smart questions and uses a rhyming scheme to get the point across.

Make it your own: The #WhyChemE Challenge

How would you answer the question? Want to show off your rapping or singing? Or maybe you're up for choreographing some hot moves to accompany your video. Give it a cool look—maybe an old-time home movie feel, or a futuristic look to emphasize where chemical engineering will take us. It's all up to you and how creative you want to be. 

Take the #WhyChemE Challenge by posting your own video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to include the hashtags #WhyChemE and #AIChE. And feel free to mention us using @ChEnected wherever you post. When we find your video, we'll share it with our followers. And we'll also feature some of the very best on the #WhyChemE webpage.