Recent AIChE Langer Prize Recipients Present Their Research

2019 and 2020 Langer Prize recipients César de la Fuente (U Penn) and Maria Eugenia Inda (MIT) had an opportunity to discuss the research related to their awards.

In the video above, Foundation chair Pablo Debenedetti talks about why the Langer Prize was established and introduces Bob Langer himself.

Bob discusses his many years of mentoring and collaborating with young researchers and the extraordinary outcomes that have resulted. Before introducing the honorees, he encourages them to pursue “blue sky ideas.” Then, César presents an overview of the research he conducted on Antibiotics Discovery by Means of Computer, which was supported by the Langer Prize.

Maria presents an overview of the research she plans to conduct on a multi-diagnostic diaper for monitoring infants’ microbiome development, a project which is also supported by the Langer Prize.

Applications for the 2021 prize will be accepted until May 1, 2021.

Learn more about the Langer Prize application process.