The Power of Positivity at Work

When you read the phrase "positivity at work" did you roll your eyes? It's ok if you did. I would have at one time had as well. But when I talk about positivity, I'm not referring to someone ignoring reality and not allowing themselves to acknowledge their feelings. It's about your approach to work and your peers as a whole. Your attitude at work not only impacts your communication with coworkers, but also your productivity. 

Be kind

Being kind at work goes much further than it's ever given credit. If you have to work with a difficult person, treat them as you'd want to be treated and move on. Remember that  people's negative attitudes often has little to do with you, and more to do with them.

Encourage others

No one decides over breakfast that they want to screw up at work today. Let's face it: it happens. Focus on the part you play rather than what the other person is failing at or lacking. Am I being clear? Is there another way I can communicate effectively?

Give recognition

Take a moment from your day and recognize when someone has done a good job and thank them.We all tend to only speak up when something goes wrong, so it's important when something goes right.

Admit when you're wrong

Being perfect is exhausting, and no one really is. Always admit your mistakes and figure out how to fix them. Remember that you can't always control what happens, but you can control your reaction and the grace with which you respond.

Choose your reaction

Once you find out about an issue, how do you react? Do you hyper focus and get more upset? Or do you take a moment, acknowledge your feelings, and figure out how to fix the situation? Positive people tend to approach problems with creative solutions rather than getting stuck in the endless cycle of focusing on what went wrong and who to blame. 

Just smile

When in doubt, fake it. Unfortunately life isn't perfect and you don't always feel the positivity that you'd like to present. Maybe there's a project or a presentation you're dreading. Tell yourself all the things that you will like about whatever you're dreading is often enough to turn it around. You are in charge of your emotions, not the other way around.

And if all else fails? Smile. It can't hurt.


SIMON IRUNGU's picture

I know!! - Right at the point " a smile won't hurt" - however fake it could be. A great article to end a problematic shift at a production line.

Saad Al-Omani's picture

very true points, if U R positive & it is your "true" behavior U will make a difference not only at work but at your community as well. IT IS TIME TO SPREAD POSITIVITY ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD. SAAD