CCPS South East Asia Regional Members Meeting

Coauthored by Vishal Chavan and Umesh Dhake

Throughout this very challenging COVID-19 situation, CCPS continues to engage with members across the globe to address the process safety threats and adapt to a new way of life and work. To share lessons and best practices adopted by industries during COVID 19, CCPS organized a virtual meeting of its South East Asia members on May 13, 2020.

This virtual meeting was jointly hosted by CCPS and Petronas, Malaysia, and attended by 41 representatives from 20 CCPS member companies in South East Asia. Presenters from companies like Petronas, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS), and Reliance Industries shared some of the lessons learned as well as best practices in managing process safety during organizational changes related to COVID-19.

The CCPS team, including Executive Director and CEO Shakeel Kadri, Global Technical Director Louisa Nara, and Director of Projects Anil Gokhale, welcomed all participants and presenters to the meeting. In his welcome address, Shakeel updated the forum on CCPS initiatives during COVID-19, new 2020 members, financial performance in 2019-20, and future plans. To complement his appeal, Yong Sai Chung, Senior GM, Health & Safety of Petronas, applauded CCPS’s efforts to create collaborative platforms in his opening remarks. He encouraged industries to come together and drive process safety initiatives. 

Meeting presentations

At the beginning of the meeting, Louisa Nara presented "The Importance of Global Regions in the Proposal/Planning Process" and Anil Gokhale presented "CCPS Life Cycle of Projects and CCPS Projects Updates." During the next session of sharing experiences, M Bashir B. Ngah, GM, Process Safety from Petronas, presented the case study "Shared Facilities Effective Barrier Management." At the conclusion, he emphasized key lessons to ensure competency and subject-matter expertise of personnel who are involved in the assessment of shared facilities.

In the next presentation, "Managing Process Safety Risks during Organization Changes & OCM Tools (COVID-19)," NG H Kiang Lucas, the General Manager of PCS, acknowledged the CCPS Monograph Risk-Based Process Safety during Disruptive Times. He noted that the information in this CCPS monograph was very timely, relevant, and helpful during the current COVID-19 situation. He further appealed to all process safety practitioners to promote the monograph to others. 

Vivek Bichave shared best practices in “Workforce Engagement and Safe Work Practices,” which was based on experiences at Reliance Industries during COVID-19. The use of digital platforms for health monitoring and engaging external yoga experts to ensure physical and mental fitness were some of the noteworthy initiatives by Reliance Industries. M Nazri B. Jaafar, Manager of Process Safety at Petronas also shared his valuable experience and insights in his presentation "Managing Process Safety Risks during Organization Change & OCM Tools (COVID-19) at Petronas."

To close the meeting, Shakeel Kadri thanked all the presenters and participants on behalf of the entire CCPS team and expressed appreciation for the steadfast support by South East Asia members to fulfill CCPS’s vision and mission in process safety.

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