AIChE Industry and Academic Partners Rise to the Occasion

Given the seriousness of the situation the world finds itself in now, it can be tempting to fall into a spiral of negative news. As AIChE’s director of communications, I’m proud to work in an industry that truly is Doing a World of Good. Members of the chemical engineering world—individuals, companies, and universities—are all taking part in the relief effort of the pandemic. 

Our partners in industry and academia are making a difference in the COVID-19 relief effort, by altering their manufacturing facilities to produce personal protective equipment; accelerating vaccine research; donating money and PPE, and more. AIChE, the AIChE Foundation, and the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) collaborated to assemble positive stories about how our industry and academic partners are doing a world of good. 

AIChE’s COVID-19 Resource Hub’s newest feature is a feed of positive stories about our partners contributing to the relief effort. It will be updated every few days, so check back occasionally. CCPS and the AIChE Foundation worked together to make it possible for us to share this positive news with you. 

In addition to our organizational partners, our individual members are also making a difference as evidence by this discussion on AIChE Engage.  

Shout out for chemical engineering

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