Roundup: Networking

Networking. It's often been said that it's more important than having an exceptional resume. "It's all about who you know." We hear this from friends, colleagues, parents, and even strangers. It's something that extroverts might love, and introverts might hate, but it's been proven to be vital for anyone who has specific goals, and especially necessary for those who plan to climb to the top of their industry. 

We gathered some helpful content below:

Networking: The Benefits of Having a Mentor

Building a network can be daunting, especially if you're doing it alone. This post discusses the mentor-mentee relationship and the numerous benefits that having a mentor can offer. 

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In Networking It's Not the Tools, It's the Approach

In simple terms, networking is forming a connection with other people. This post discusses how adopting the right perspective, remaining curious and use social media can work in your favor when forming these connections. 

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Become a Better Networker 

In this post, Loraine Kasprzak interviews Kevin Shulman, President of Shulman Associates Sandler Sales Training, an Iselin, NJ, sales training and client development firm. Shulman, who teaches networking to professionals, discusses the do's and don't's of networking, explains why it's essential, and stresses the importance of maintaining a two-way conversation.

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Cultivate a Fertile Network

This post goes a bit further than just surface-level networking. It discusses mutually beneficial relationships and guides you step by step on how to form these relationships. It also discusses the importance of tending to your network and allowing it to grow and flourish. 

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