Engineering Community Rises to COVID-19 Challenges

AIChE’s social media forums are lighting up with discussions about how chemical engineers are responding to the COVID-19 situation. We’re just beginning to learn about the myriad ways that our community is navigating these rough and uncharted waters — as engineers, philanthropists, and citizens.

In my recent blog post for the American College of Environmental Lawyers, I describe how engineers across disciplines are inventing ways to produce critically needed medical supplies.

In particular, the post details how 3D printing is being engaged to fill the daunting need for personal protective gear and other equipment, such as N95 masks, face shields, hands-free door openers, and ventilator components. The post also describes a collaboration between mechanical engineers at Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt Medical Center to design an open-source ventilator assembled from locally available materials, allowing production of 100 ventilators in a single week.

Stories such as these illustrate the resilience of engineers and the essential role our community plays in serving society. AIChE wants to hear your stories. How are you adapting, coping, managing, and helping transcend today’s challenges at home and in your community?

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