Celebrating 10 Years of ChEnected

Here at ChEnected, we're always striving to cover topics that are both relevant and interesting to our members and fellow chemes. We'd also like to take a moment and thank you (yes, YOU), dear reader, for your continued support and readership.

In celebration of ChEnected turning 10 this year, we're taking a moment to do a rundown of our top five posts of all time.

#5 Should You Pursue PE Licensure?

Becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) takes dedication. Having a PE after your name signals to employers and clients that you have competence in your field and helps set you apart from your competition. Read more

#4 What Skills Do Chemical Engineers Need Now?

Life-long learning is critical to acquiring the skills for a successful career in chemical engineering. Read more

#3 Sustainability Challenges in the Paper Industry

The paper industry has a great effect on not only forests but also on water resources and carbon dioxide emissions. Read more

#2 Career Paths for Chemical Engineers

A chemical engineer's widely applicable skills make them valuable across various industries. Read more

#1 How to Interpret Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (Series)

With a bit of smoke, a few mirrors, and a degree in hieroglyphics, anyone can learn to read a P&ID. Understanding piping and instrumentation diagrams can benefit process, project, and design engineers as well as business developers, operators, safety, maintenance, and even management. Read more

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