Meet Some of AIChE’s Recently Elected Fellows

Featured in the December 2019 print issue of CEP

19/29   in the series AIChE Recently Elected Fellows

Fellow Candidates are nominated by their peers, and generally have about 25 years of significant practice in chemical engineering. They should also have demonstrated significant service to the profession, and have been a member of AIChE for at least 10 years.

Below, meet some of AIChE's recently elected fellows, who were also featured in the December 2019 print issue of CEP.

Mary Tanya am Ende

Mary Tanya am Ende is Vice President of Process Development at Lyndra Therapeutics, where she develops process models and engineering technologies to support dosage form development and commercialization. An expert in drug product process development and scale-up, she leads cross-discipline teams from research to commercial manufacturing. Previously, as a Research Fellow at Pfizer, she helped develop and commercialize the Ibrance, Duavive, and Chantix drug products. She is editor of the two-volume book Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and is a founding member of AIChE’s Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing (PD2M) Forum.

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Ronald S. Besser

Ronald S. Besser is Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. Prior to joining Stevens, he spent 14 years working in materials, process, and device development in Silicon Valley, and then held academic positions at Louisiana Tech Univ. and its Institute for Micromanufacturing. Within AIChE, he has developed microprocessing programming for the Process Development Div. and chaired sessions on portable power at Annual Meetings. He also served as Stevens’ AIChE Student Chapter Advisor. He earned his PhD in materials science and engineering at Stanford Univ.

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Shailendra Bordawekar

Shailendra Bordawekar is Vice President of Process R&D at AbbVie, where he is responsible for drug substance process development, new technology implementation, and cGMP clinical deliveries for all small molecules and antibody-drug conjugates. He has played a key role in the development and commercialization of numerous pharmaceutical products, including Mavyret, Venclexta, Orilissa, and Rinvoq. He promotes chemical engineering approaches and applications of novel technologies across pharmaceutical process development, and as a leader in AIChE’s pharma community, he has contributed to meeting programming and the PD2M Forum.

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Hasan Dindi

Hasan Dindi is a Technical Fellow at DuPont, where he led the commercialization of the company’s IsoTherming Hydroprocessing Technology and recently worked as a new business development specialist and mentor to young engineers developing refining processes for DuPont Clean Technologies. He has developed proprietary processes for monomer intermediates, herbicides and their intermediates, organic silanes for automotive and TiO2 applications, and fluorinated monomers. He also helped develop a monomer for a fiber for DuPont’s Protection Materials Dept. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from the Univ. of Colorado Boulder.

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Rainer Hoff

Rainer Hoff is the founder and President of Gateway Group, an international solution provider and consulting firm employing engineers and computer scientists. In the 1990s, Hoff and his company were involved in many process safety management “firsts,” including the design of a global electronic document management system first used in the refining industry. His team also developed the FACILEX suite of process safety management applications, now used at hundreds of sites. For AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety, he has chaired the Process Plant Safety Symposium and, in 2015, he chaired the Global Congress on Process Safety.

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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a senior development engineer in the Isotope and Fuel Cycle Technology Div. at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. There, he has been a principal investigator in laboratory- and pilot-scale studies for the production of surrogate nuclear debris, production of various uranium compounds, fission product separations, wastewater treatment, and high-level waste treatment. Among his AIChE activities and service, he is a long-time member and leader of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Local Section, and he is also active in the Nuclear Engineering Div., from which he received the Robert E. Wilson Award. He is a chemical engineering alumnus of Brigham Young Univ.

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