Jayme Currie Receives 2019 John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship

AIChE is pleased to announce that this year's John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship was presented to Jayme Currie from North Carolina State University at the 2019 AIChE Annual Student Conference in Orlando, FL. 

2019 marks the fifteenth year that the John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship has been presented in Dr. McKetta's honor. The $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming senior or junior chemical engineering student who is planning a career in the chemical process industries. In addition to demonstrated academic excellence, the recipient of the annual scholarship has a track record of strong leadership and active participation both in their AIChE Student Chapter and in other university activities around campus.  

About this year's winner

In the words of her Student Chapter Advisor, Jayme’s enthusiasm is contagious. With this enthusiasm, Jayme hit the ground running and took on a role as her AIChE Student Chapter’s social chair in her freshman year. Since then, she’s served as the chapter’s vice president of industry relations, the vice president of records, and most recently, Jayme was elected by her peers to serve as the chapter president.

Outside AIChE, Jayme has navigated five different engineering co-ops and internships. Inspired by her latest work experience, upon graduation, Jayme hopes to join a petrochemical company as a process engineer.  

Jayme’s commitment to her chapter and to her own professional development are mirrored in the classroom, as demonstrated by her impressive 3.902 GPA.

On behalf of AIChE and the Student Chapters Committee, congratulations, Jayme!

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