Community Counts: Connect with Like-Minded Engineers

In 1908, a self-selected community of chemical engineers joined together to establish AIChE. Since then, members of the Institute have found opportunities to affiliate with other chemical engineers in AIChE communities built around and fueled by their shared interests and areas of expertise.

Recently, AIChE members have created even more of these communities, allowing like-minded engineers all over the world to exchange knowledge, advance shared technical and research interests, and combine energies to pursue worthwhile societal, professional, and personal development objectives.

Find peers driven by the same interests

Do your interests lie in fuels and energy? In sustainability? Is your expertise in pharmaceuticals, materials engineering, computational analysis, safety, process engineering, management, or education? Are you motivated to raise the visibility of chemical engineering’s good works? Do you want to inspire K–12 students to pursue STEM fields, or advocate for inclusion and equitable representation in our profession? In all these cases and more, AIChE has a community for you.

AIChE communities offer more than just a venue and homebase for such affiliations; they also provide myriad opportunities for leadership within those interest groups. Every AIChE member is welcome to contribute programming ideas and to help enact plans. Whether you are eager to showcase emerging research, delve into conversations about future technology implementation and innovations, or spark excitement in the field among the next generation, AIChE has places for you to do so, and people who share your vision.

Technical communities

One way to find your best-fit technical community is by visiting Each AIChE technical division and forum is its own micro-society, offering distinct opportunities for involvement. Of course, you can also open doors to your technical community of choice by attending AIChE’s Annual Meeting, Spring Meeting, or any of AIChE’s growing roster of specialty conferences, where you can meet and interact with community leaders and benefit from their activities in person.

Societal-impact communities

Likewise, AIChE’s numerous societal-impact communities — including groups for ChEs with disabilities, LGBTQ engineers, women in chemical engineering, and others — post regular invitations for members to become involved.

Learn about all these communities by exploring the AIChE website, logging on to AIChE Engage, subscribing to AIChE SmartBrief, or reading AIChE’s ChEnected blog.

Community counts at AIChE. We are committed to helping you find AIChE communities that allow you to thrive professionally and as a member of the Institute.