2019 Shining Star Award Winners

Designed to recognize the outstanding long-term volunteerism and significant contributions of AIChE local section members, the Shining Star Award was created to increase activism and involvement in AIChE local sections. Each year, nominations from various local sections are submitted to reward the most active AIChE members who showed outstanding efforts in supporting and developing their local sections.

The winners of the 2019 Shining Star Awards—Robert (Bob) Gale, Reza Mostofi, and Shannon Brown—showed their continuous dedication and personal commitment to AIChE and the local section. Upon winning, each was invited to attend the Local Section Committee meeting and Volunteer Leadership Recognition Reception during the AIChE Spring or Annual Meetings to receive the award.

Robert (Bob) Gale comes from the St. Louis Local section. Despite the numerous efforts that Gale demonstrated in his contributions to his local section, Gale felt his experience in actively being part of his local section was worthwhile. Gale added,

Being active in AIChE has always come naturally to me. I feel an obligation to be active in the organization of my profession that has allowed me to earn a livelihood doing work that I enjoy. I also enjoy being able to help other engineers and being a part of their learning process, and AIChE has been the right vehicle to do that.

Gale has been part of the St. Louis local section for 28 years and also with the Pensacola, Florida, section for 15 years prior to that. His continuous commitment to the success of the local section and as a respected senior member of the group brought great leadership to the section.  

Reza Mostofi and Shannon Brown both come from the Chicago local section. Mostofi has been with the group for over 10 years and has shown tremendous efforts during his service in the Midwest Regional Conference and in his work to maintain the local section. Despite the limited resources and volunteers during the 2018 Midwest Regional Conference, Mostofi demonstrated great ability organizing a successful conference. 

Brown was involved with the Chicago local section as a member since the 1980s. By serving on committees for the Chicago Section Symposium—now the AIChE Midwest Regional Conference—and contributing to the local section’s monthly newsletter, Brown’s longevity of service in the Chicago local section had not only contributed to the Symposium’s growth and success but has also provided valuable insights about women in chemical engineering to future engineers.

Reza Mostofi and Shannon Brown will attend the AIChE 2019 Annual Meeting to receive their awards.

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