2019 Southwest Student Regional Conference Recap

The 2019 Southwest Regional Conference took place on March 29th and 30th at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

The conference gave students the opportunity to chat with ChemE peers throughout the region, participate in student competitions organized by AIChE, learn from industry speakers, attend seminars, and much more.

After the conference, we had a chance to interview Student Chapter President Yogi Paturu about his experience planning and attending the 2019 Southwest Student Regional Conference.

What was it like to be part of planning a regional meeting?

It was the highlight of my college career!

What advice would you give to students attending a regional conference?

Make a conference group chat and add everyone you meet. Before you know it, the whole conference is in one big chat. At the conclusion of the conference, do a mass LinkedIn share to stay connected.

Was there a special event that really captured your region/chapter at the meeting?

Every chapter in the region does incredible work in respective areas. We wanted to recognize that. You think you know how good some of the chapters are until you have to pick one thing, and it's tough to choose. Texas Tech obviously took home the most prestigious recognition: Least Distance Traveled to the 2019 Southwest Regional Conference!

Did you connect with any fellow ChemE students or get to network with any industry professionals?

Of course!

What was your favorite part of the conference weekend?

There were two,and both had to do with Universidad de Nuevo Leon. It was their first conference, so they were new to competitions. Since were incredibly warm and passionate, they quickly became friends with everyone. During the Chem-E-Car® Performance Competition, they came up to me saying they were discouraged that most of the cars in the competition weren't moving (including theirs) in the first round. When the car moved, there was so much cheering. They got 3rd place! Wait, it gets better! At the Awards Ceremony, Chem-E-Car poster winners were announced—4th place, 3rd place, 2nd place. Dr. Simon announced, "First place in the Chem-E-Car Poster Competition...Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon!" The emotion in the room was palpable!