Frederick Gregory Invites You to the 21st Process Plant Safety Symposium (PPSS)

Frederick Gregory is a process safety and risk manager at The Lubrizol Corporation in Deer Park, Texas. This year he serves as PPSS Chair at the 21st Process Plant Safety Symposium. We recently caught up with Fred to find out what we can expect during the symposium.

What is your background in process safety?

As a process engineer I participated in a number of process hazard analyses before moving into process safety. Much of my process safety training has come from working with consultants and learning from conferences such as the Global Congress on Process Safety.

Can you tell us about the themes, featured sessions, and speakers for your symposia?

The focus of the PPSS conference is to share best practices, perspectives, methods and tools. We selected topics that we thought would be useful for plant personnel to improve their process safety programs. We have a mix of speakers with presentations that have been carefully reviewed by our session chairs. I look forward to hearing them!

What information are you hoping attendees walk away with?

Those that attend this symposium can expect to walk away with practical knowledge that they can take back to their plant site and use to improve their site’s process safety program. By taking an in-depth look through our session topics, we expect to show different approaches to common issues that can be put to immediate use.

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Frederick Gregory

Frederick H. Gregory is a process safety and risk manager at Lubrizol’s Deer Park, TX site. Read more