ESC "Show-and-Tell" Video Challenge: Bucknell University

The Bucknell University Student Chapter participated in the ESC “Show-and-Tell" Video Challenge for the month of July 2019. In the video, the Chapter shares unique Bucknell University ChemE experiences that make the Chapter homes to its members. Among the experiences include participating in the National Engineers Week, volunteering for "Sink or Swim," a Girls in STEM outreach event, and celebrating 100 years since Bucknell University's first female engineer started her studies at the university. Watch the video to learn more about these unique Bucknell University experiences.

The Executive Student Committee (ESC) wishes to thank the Bucknell University Student Chapter for its participation in the video challenge. Subscribe to the ESC’s mailing list to follow the video challenge and find out which Student Chapter has been challenged to participate next.

You can find out more about the Bucknell University Student Chapter on its department Facebook page.