Process Engineering Discussion Community Now Open

We launched a new discussion group for process engineers just last month and there are already some great discussions happening.  

If you haven't yet heard about it and want to see what the buzz is about, check out the Process Engineering Discussion Community on Engage.

If you are a process engineering professional, young professional, or graduate student interested in joining, click here to fill out the interest form


Many process engineers have already begun introducing themselves to the community. Life member Scott Love shares his hope for the community to become a home for process engineers who strive to become better at their jobs, share stories, and help others.

Monica Wilson discusses her storied career in process technology that has lead her all over the world.

Introduce yourself.

What is your favorite tool to use as a process engineer?

Okiemute Sankey wants to find out about your favorite tools. Most seem to appreciate their spreadsheets. 

Share your thoughts here.

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Process Engineering Safety: How Aware Are You?

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