Featured Engage Discussions: November 2018

There are some great discussions happening on AIChE Engage's Discussion Central and Student Central. If you haven't yet participated, hop on over and share your opinions, or just have a look.

Networking though AIChE

Scott Clarke is a recent graduate looking for advice on how to network through AIChE.

Do you have any advice for him?

Moving to Mars

Joshua Flader recently wrote an article about moving to Mars for CEP. He discusses the Orion Spacecraft project, terraforming Mars, and the long-term effects on human inhabitants.

What are your ideas on how to terraform inhospitable environments? How much could we change the surface and atmospheres of planetary bodies, and how?

Remote process engineers?

Alexander Slungaard is curious about your opinion on the emergence of remote process engineers.

Does anyone have experience in these types of roles? What did you enjoy and/or what did you wish you could change?

Do you see this trend lasting? Will more companies see this as a necessity? Lastly, how will these technical support programs evolve to suit the needs of the different chemical engineering industries?

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