ACE4G Competition Offers Cash Prizes to Students

In its third year, the AIChE Chemical Engineering for Good Challenge (ACE4G) will again award cash prizes for winning submissions from chemical engineering students. The competition asks AIChE student chapters and any partner organizations they collaborate with to propose small-scale chemical engineering solutions that can improve quality of life for communities in the developing world.

Cash prizes will be awarded to top the three entries in the amounts of $3,000, $1,500, and $1,000. 

Collaboration with other chapters and partners 

Participating AIChE student chapters are strongly encourage to  partner with organizations, such as Engineers Without Borders, that can contribute experience in applying appropriate technology on microscale projects in small, technically unsophisticated communities.

Two or more AIChE student chapters can also collaborate on an ACE4G entry, and the number of chapters involved will not affect judging. The competition particularly encourages collaborations between US and international chapters to promote the sharing of multiple points of view and experiences. In fact, a new $500 bonus prize was added this year to reward the best collaboration between at least one US AIChE chapter and one international AIChE chapter. 

The ACE4G competition is a joint effort of the Global Societal Impact Committee, Student Chapters Committee, Sustainable Energy Forum and International Committee of AIChE.

Registration deadline is October 21.

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