Northeastern University Student Chapter's Career Fairs

The Northeastern University Student Chapter has been hosting career fairs for its students every semester since 2012. Though Northeastern University hosts university-wide career fairs, the Student Chapter hosts its own career fairs in order to better cater to its members' more specialized interests as chemical engineering students. The Student Chapter leadership recognized that university-wide career fairs were often crowded and focused more on post-graduate positions than cooperative positions, limiting the amount of opportunities for most students. Michael Nguy, the Student Chapter's vice president, describes the Chapter's career fairs as "a more direct match between employers and potential employees, creating more meaningful and helpful interactions for both parties."

Since 2012, the number of students and companies participating in the career fair have grown greatly. The AIChE Student Chapter partners with the university's Biomedical Engineering Society and co-op program coordinators to reach more companies and students. During more recent career fairs, students have had the opportunity to speak with approximately 20-25 companies in attendance. 

Thanks to the career fairs' success, the Northeastern University Student Chapter will be presenting the "Hosting a Career Fair" workshop during the 2018 Annual Student Conference. During the workshop, the Chapter plans to explain how it runs its career fairs and highlight tools and methods that any other Student Chapter can take advantage of to make a similar event a success. The workshop will be held 10:45-11:05am Saturday, October 27, 2018 in room 303 of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. More information about the workshop can be found online here.

To find more about the Northeastern University Student Chapter, visit its Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram account.


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I'm sure I'll check out the Workshop at 2018 Annual Student Conference.