Featured Engage Discussions: August 2018

There are some great discussions happening on AIChE Engage's Discussion Central and Student Central. If you haven't yet participated, hop on over and share your opinions, or just have a look.

Simulation software

Ejaz Sunasara asks his fellow ChemEs what simulation software he should be aware of and learn as soon as possible.

Share simulation software that Ejaz should become familiar with and learn to use.

PE or no?

Stuart Chan has been working as a chemical engineer for over 20 years and is wondering if he should get a PE license and what the process would be.

Do you have any advice for Stuart about getting a PE license?

Online courses or a master's degree?

Catalina Zurano is looking for guidance and suggestions on universities that offer online education opportunities for chemical engineers.

Share your recommendations for university programs that offer online courses.

Increasing involvement in a student chapter

Arturo Arias is looking for advice from his fellow students on how to get more people involved in his student chapter. Many students will participate in the events but not the organizational process.

Do you have any suggestions on how to increase involvement in a student chapter?

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