ESC "Show-and-Tell" Video Challenge: University of Alabama, Huntsville

The University of Alabama, Huntsville Student Chapter participated in the ESC “Show-and-Tell” Video Challenge for the month of August 2018. In the video, a few Chapter members comically discuss the difficulty of understanding and applying thermodynamic principles. Courtney Anderson, Student Chapter president, then explains what makes Huntsville unique and how they incorporate aspects of the city into their Student Chapter. Watch the video to learn more about University of Alabama, Huntsville's Student Chapter!

The Executive Student Committee (ESC) wishes to thank the AIChE Student Chapter at the University of Alabama, Huntsville for its participation in the video challenge. Subscribe to the ESC’s mailing list to follow the video challenge and find out which AIChE Student Chapter has been challenged to participate next.

You can find out more about University of Alabama, Huntsville's Student Chapter of AIChE on its Facebook and Instagram.