Featured Engage Discussions: May 2018

May has been a very active month on AIChE Engage. Here are some of the discussions happening now:

Chemical engineering vs chemistry

Robert Bly asks his fellow ChemEs what influenced their decision to major in chemical engineering rather than chemistry. For him, the main reason was the ability to get a good job with just a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree in chemistry would have required an advanced degree to get equally good job offers.

Why did you choose chemical engineering over chemistry?

ChemE skills needed in today's world

Loraine Kasprzak asks what skills ChemEs need in the 21st century when automation, robots, and AI are some of the forces changing how ChemEs work today.

What skills do you think ChemEs need in the 21st century?

Fundamental vs operational knowledge for chemical engineering students

Ammar Alkhawaldeh shares his observation that there is a gap between fundamental knowledge vs operational knowledge in recently graduated chemical engineers. 

Have you noticed this knowledge gap in new grads?

Got any chemistry jokes?

Anna Wagner asks if any of her fellow student ChemEs have any good chemistry jokes to share. The Executive Student Committee (ESC) voted on their favorite joke so far:

How does a chemical engineer flirt?

ChemE: Hey babe, are you a combination of Copper and Tellurium?

Object of Affection: Huh? Why?

ChemE: Because you are so CuTe.

Share your joke.

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