Symposia Chair Invites You to Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World

Andrés Valencia is a process and functional safety engineer at West Engineering, and also this year's symposia chair of Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World in Orlando, Florida. We recently reached out to Andrés to learn more about this conference.

What is your background in process safety?

With over eighteen years of experience in process safety, I have been participating in the development and support of process safety management (PSM) programs, process hazard analysis, audits and assessments, management of change (MOC) programs, mechanical integrity, and design of instrumented systems, for onshore oil & gas production facilities, pipelines, receiving terminals, refining, petrochemical and general industry.

Can you tell us about the themes, featured sessions, and speakers for your symposia?

Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World will provide nine sessions for professionals from different regions such as China, Japan and Latin America, to share experiences and discuss important issues that are significantly impacting the development and future of process safety in their regions. Japan's sessions will be focused on lessons learned from past accidents and technical considerations in process safety, while China's sessions will be focused on current situation and prospects in process safety. Likewise, Latin American sessions will be aligned with experiences in process safety culture, risk management, and design of instrumented systems.

What information are you hoping attendees walk away with?

The attendees will have the opportunity to meet experts from outside the U.S. and hear firsthand how the social and cultural background can influence process safety activities and trends.

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Andrés Valencia

Senior chemical engineer with over seventeen years of experience in process safety consultancy, developing and supporting Process Safety Management (PSM) programs, audits and assessments, measurement and metrics, Management of Change (MOC), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), mechanical integrity.

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