ChemE Wendy Young on the Circular Economy & Sustainability

AIChE member Wendy Young spoke with us briefly at a recent conference about some of the topics on her mind as a chemical engineer. 

We asked her about how chemical engineers are shaping industry and society, what some of the current hot topics are for chemical engineers, and how the world of chemical engineering is changing. We also asked her to share advice with other AIChE members about how they can get the most from their membership. 

Her answers cover a wide range of topics including the circular economy, recycling, biomaterials, and sustainability. She also discusses how important chemical engineers' work is in solving some of the grand challenges the world faces. In addition, Wendy discusses changes she's seeing in industry and in the work world, as well as how she has been able to make connections and build a network of chemical engineers through AIChE.

Check out the video interview above for Wendy's take on the world of chemical engineering today.