Interview: Dominic and Nick Nguyen Introduce Their ChemE App

Brothers Dominic and Nick Nguyen have created a new game app that aims to engage and teach the public about basic chemical engineering concepts. The app, which they’ve dubbed Refyne, takes users through an interactive refinery to illustrate the concepts of pressure drop, changes in temperature, and flow rate as they relate to process equipment.

Refyne is designed to appeal to K-12 students but can also serve as a basic review of process engineering for current chemical engineering students and recent graduates. Created to educate the public and inspired future engineers, the app is a great example of the theme for the upcoming 2017 AIChE Gala, "Inspriring the Next Generation of Engineers." 

The creators of the app are both students at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Dominic is majoring in chemical engineering and economics, and Nick is majoring in computer science and mathematics. 

To hear more about Refyne directly from the developers and see an example of how the app works, check out the interview above.