Featured Engage Discussions: October 2017

As always, there are some great discussions happening on AIChE Engage's Discussion Central. If you haven't yet participated, hop on over and share your opinions, or just have a look.

Why Chemical Engineering?

Young professional and 35 Under 35 Winner Donna Bryant asks the community why they decided to become a chemical engineer. It's a lively discussion about how people became drawn to the profession.

What was your journey to becoming a ChemE?

Share your story.

Purpose of the Instructional Laboratory in Chemical Engineering

University of Tennessee professor Sankar Raghavan has been teaching the unit laboratory in chemical engineering for the last two years:

As I gain insight into the way the laboratory works, I have started to question myself on what are the few things, say the top 5-7 objectives, pedagogically that should be accomplished through the laboratory experience. I would love to hear from you all about your experience in the chemical engineering laboratory, how it helped you in your career and in retrospect, what would you do differently?

What are your experiences?

Describing the Process Safety Profession to Others

Process Safety professional and 35 Under 35 Award Winner Kendall Werts talks about the challenge of describing what exactly process safety professionals do and make it sound interesting at the same time.

How do you describe being a process safety professional?

Best way to access current production estimates & price of bulk chemicals?

Bucknell professor Margot Vigeant asks:

We've noticed a change in availability of information and were wondering if others had found away around this issue.  As part of their process engineering design experience, we're asking students to look into the market for their proposed chemical product - how much is currently produced, what is the price trend, that kind of thing.  In the past, we'd send students to the library to look at periodicals, etc. but now it seems that the kind of information we are seeking has moved from these relatively accessable materials into extremely expensive paywalled reports that our library cannot access. It's not just that the students can't find the materials - our reference librarian can't, either.  Is there a simpler to access source that we've been missing out on?

Do you have any suggestions?

Attending the Annual Meeting? Submit Questions to Keynote Speakers

2017 Annual Meeting Program Chair Sipho Ndlela is asking for attendees to submit questions for the Meet The Executives session.

Submit your question.

Julie Renner from the Women's Initiative Committee is asking for questions for the 2017 WIC Keynote Speaker Rachel Segalman.

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