AIChE President Bond Calloway is Guest on STEM-focused Podcast

Are you considering a chemical engineering degree? If so, this may be a podcast for you to listen to.

Electrical Engineer Jeff Nigh runs a podcast devoted to profiling careers in science, technology, engineering, and math called STEM on Fire. A few weeks ago, Jeff's guest was 2017 AIChE President Bond Calloway who talked about how he became interested in becoming a chemical engineer and his 30-year+ career that included building a nuclear waste processing facility at Savannah River National Laboratory and the research that makes waste managment more efficient.

This work eventually led to the creation of a business in renewable energy. Bond also talks about what a typical work week might be like for a chemical engineer and the various directions they can take their career.

In addition, Bond talks AIChE's newest society, the RAPID Institute, and its projects related to process intensification of which Savannah River National Laboratory is a member. 

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