CCPS Process Safety Bootcamp Trains Ethanol Employees in Nebraska

The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and its important mission is not often featured at the top of the nightly news. However, a recent CCPS Process Safety Bootcamp course, and the beneficial lessons learned there, were covered by a local TV station in Nebraska.

From July 11–14, more than 30 ethanol industry employees from Nebraska and surrounding states gathered for a CCPS Process Safety Bootcamp held at the University of Nebraska campus in Kearney, NE. The Process Safety Bootcamp is an offering of the AIChE Academy, and was taught by CCPS-affiliated process safety experts Donald Abramson and Jerry Jones. In addition to the technical information, case studies, and best practices presented by the instructors, the Process Safety Bootcamp allowed industry participants to discuss their own experiences working in chemical industry plants, and to work together to develop strategies for improved approaches to process safety.

In comments made to a reporter from NTV, an ABC television affiliate in Nebraska, Hunter Floodman, Technical Advisor at Nebraska's Ethanol Board, noted that “the highly flammable and combustible nature of ethanol make it important for the region’s ethanol producers to minimize risk.” In this regard, he added, the safety expertise provided by the speakers from AIChE and CCPS was a boon to local chemical industry employees.

"We have a lot of small ethanol plants in Nebraska, so it wouldn't necessarily be feasible for one plant to bring in the quality of training that we have here."

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See full story by Jessica Stevenson on Nebraska TV.

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